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By February 17, 2017Health

« Today’s men and women pay more and more attention to their figure.»

To keep in shape or to lose weight, you need to combine a healthy balanced diet with physical activity.

A diet includes the drinks you consume, as well as food. There are a number of rules for any balanced diet: drink two litres of water a day, eat five different fruits and vegetables, and be careful not to use too much salt and sugar.

Additionally, the consumption of alcohol, even occasional, can lead to significant weight gain because of the calories in alcoholic drinks. This is often the hardest part, because there are often many occasions on which to share a glass!

For several years now, the Vintense range has provided a healthy high-quality alternative. These are totally de-alcoholised wines with three times fewer calories than a traditional wine. A great opportunity for all my patients who want to live without restraints while controlling their weight.

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